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   We are in a continuous work in progress business. And one of our biggest mission is to have you, part of us. Alchemy Vibe to be your daily source of inspiration, motivation, playground, information with delightful items to shop, to find your totems and source of good vibes trough us. We would love to become part of your lifestyle.

    Therefore, to make sure we follow the right steps toward your heart, we'll consider and appreciate any feedback that you might have for us. 

    Thought our journey we try to support and never forget..you- the loyal customer. 

   Amazon affiliate:


 Alchemy Vibe is promoting selected Amazon products through Alchemy Vibe Shop.  All purchases/orders are processed and strictly dealt by Amazon.com Inc. www.amazon.com.

 However, for any support with the items promoted via www.alchemyvibe.co.uk, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@alchemyvibe.co.uk. 

Privacy Policy


    We respect your privacy and all your data sent to us. We might keep secured your details for future orders and promotions, especially for some giveaways or any other free products or services as sign of appreciation for your loyalty. 

If you prefer your details not to be held by us, please email us with for a 'data delete request'.

    Any contact details that affects or tries to damage Alchemy Vibe's social image or process, it might be restricted or blocked. We accept to serve and connect only with appropriate customers and businesses.  

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